A Weekly Opportunity to Practice
About the Club

The Emory Buddhist Club is a student-led effort to provide a weekly opportunity for anyone with any interest in Buddhism to meet, practice, and learn.

When Emory is in session we have a weekly meeting every Thursday at 6:00 in room 106 of Cannon Chapel at Emory's main campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

We also have periodic field trips to nearby Buddhist communities and centers.

We welcome anyone, regardless of experience, point of view, or focus. For additional information, please contact us at info@buddhistclub.org or at (762) 218-2182.

To receive news about upcoming events by e-mail, you can subscribe to our events mailing list.

Thursday Evenings this Fall

Each Thursday, the Buddhist Club will be hosting a different Buddhist teacher to guide students in meditation and to answer questions. Below is information about each guest teacher and the dates they will be teaching. These dates are also available on our calendar to the right.

On August 28th and September 4th we will be hosting Chan practice with Jiansou Shifu of the Dharma Jewel Monastery. Jiansou Shifu is a teacher and a nun at the monastery. Chan Buddhism is the Chinese equivalent to the Japanese Zen Buddhism. If you want learn more about the Dharma Jewel Monastery, visit their site here.

On Sept 11th, Sept 25th, Oct 9th, Oct 30th, and Nov 13th we will be hosting Vajrayana practice with Geshe Dadul of the Drepung Loseling Monastary. For those interested in  Tibetan Buddhism, Geshe Dadul is a Tibetan monk affiliated with the Emory-Tibet partnership as well as an accomplished scholar and teacher. If you want to learn more about the Drepung Loseling Monastary, visit their site here.

On September 18th, October 16th, and November 20th we will be hosting Zen practice with Elliston Roshi of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center. Elliston Roshi is the spiritual head of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center who has achieved the venerable senior teacher title of Roshi. The November 20th meeting will be a short trip to the Atlanta Soto Zen Center for those interested. If you want to learn more about the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, visit their site here.

On October 2nd, October 23rd, and November 6th we will be hosting Theravada teacher Bhante for a lesson on Theravada Buddhism. Bhante is an accomplished Sri Lankan Theravada monk , and the founder of the Georgia Buddhist Vihara. If you want to learn more about the Georgia Buddhist Vihara, you can visit their site here.

Keeping the Practice Going

Thank you everyone who has helped out this year!

When you mention the club or an upcoming event to a friend, colleague or student you help us... and when you make the time come to an event, your attendance creates a vibrant, diverse, welcoming Buddhist community for Emory students.

Thank you to The Emory Office of Religious Life, The Emory-Tibet Partnership, Drepung Loseling Monastery, and Students for a Free Tibet for their continued support.

Thank you especially to all of our teachers this semester, Geshe Dadul of the Emory-Tibet Partnership, Elliston Roshi of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, and Jiansou Shifu of the Dharma Jewel Monastery.